NIKKOR 70-200E 100th Anniversary Edition

I got mine!

In April 2017 Nikon announced a series of products to celebrate their 100th year anniversary.

Looking at the selection there were two items that caught my eye. The camera bag and the 70-200mm lens. I was considering the 70-200 after renting it a few times, and the one for the 10th year was

  • Grey
  • came with  separate glass elements and display stand

It took until June for the prices to be announced, and at $4000, the kit would hold a $1200 premium over the 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR and even more over the 70-200mm f/2.8G that I rented.

I called my friends over at ACE PHOTO to put a reserve on both the bag and the Lens.  This was June and I thought it would be useful to have the lens for the summer.

Well Nikon and their products, the Bag came in in September, and no word on the lens. Then a week before Christmas, Ace called me up telling me that Nikon canceled the preorders.

The beauty of a local Camera store is that they are people that you get to know and who know you. They worked their Nikon sources and got me a lens.

The lens arrived on Dac 27th and I picked it on Dec 28th, a few days left in the 100th year of Nikon!!!

The lens will be tested soon, and the glass elements and display stand are VERY cool!!!!

I went to pick it up today, and this was the first one that the team at Ace had seen, so we unboxed it in the store.

Now when I got home, I need to unBox again!

Here are a few photos of the elements

Each piece is labeled and inserts into a rubber slot. Yes it did come with white gloves to handle the glass.

Assembly was easy, and fun!

Once completed the Display is stunning;

Once again Thank You to the team at Ace Photo

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