Lego  Bugatti

Lego Bugatti

My boys bought me the Lego Technic Bugatti for Christmas. Fun time building it.

About 3500 pieces took around 9 hours to complete

Time laps video is here as well (not great camera work)

There is a great podcast (search on the iPhone Podcast for LEGO Technique) that interviews Lego and Bugatti employees about the making of the model and the car. It reviews cool facts about LEGO and Bugatti, from history of the companies to facts of why the large C on the Chiron (air intake) to the number of new LEGO pieces that are created each year.

A 16 cylinder ‘W’ motor W16 made out of lego pieces that has pistons that move when the car is ‘in gear’ and wheels are moved.

The Bugatti engineers created a speed key that needs to be inserted into a slot beside the driver to permit the car to reach full power and speed of 420KPH. The LEGO engineers wanted to add a feature to symbolize this on the model. There is a key that you insert in the rear fender to raise the rear fin. The fin is used as most cars to bring down force to the rear tires at higher speed, but also, on the Chiron it will turn up to become an air break!

Cool car at $3M USD

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