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This months photos are of the Blue Heron, common over most of North America. This should not be confused with a herring, or a herring choker (A native or resident of any of the Maritime Provinces but especially used in reference to people from New Brunswick. Or Norway.)

The large photo Joan and I took on a bike ride along the C&O Canal close to Washington DC, part of which is known as the ‘Billy Goat Trail’ that is a walking/hiking/climbing trail. The Bike Trail is along the canal on what was the tow path. The bargdges needed help moving through the canel and mules would pull the boats.

The other two were taken much closer to home in our neighborhood. The one with the weeds (on the right) in the picture was in the new section off of Greenwood Drive Round Hill, VA (though google seems to have a different name for it) and the the one on the left was taken along the stream that our local Beavers live in. I caught him, eating his morning catch.

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Kevin Cossaboon

A networking profesional located in Northren Virginia, USA. My hobbies are Technology and Photography. Love playing with the latest technology, and will try to post reviews of them. Also love my life long journey of learning to capture light, to trigger emotions, through photography.

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