July 31, 2018 Adventure Park at Sandy Springs, MD

We had a grat day at ‘The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School’ Shelly, Ryan, Clayton, Brandon, Jacob, Joan and I all had a run at the ropes. Many Many photos thanks to Joan who descided after her first and only run on the ropes to take photos. I grouped them here in different sections, This is the highlights of the day;

These few collections shows us nuts on the platforms;

Here are a few of us on the obstacles;

Now for people, we will start with Ryan’s

A few of Ryan and Shelly

Shelly’s rescue

Clay and Jacob decided to do the high ropes (Diamond) So next is Clayton’s

Here are a few of Jacob’s

Brandon’s efforts to work through the challenges;

and finally me, Kevin, working my way through the obstacles.

This first one is special;

that HURT! Learned after this to hold the zip-line carriage to avoid spinning and hitting the tree backwards.

And the rest of them;

We will end with a few shots from the ground;

Thank you again Joan for taking the photos!

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