January Calendar Images

The story behind the images on the 2018 calendar.

I thought I would tell the story behind the photos I used on this year’s calendar. My hope is to do this for each month.


I read an article that Baker’s Beach was a great place to take photographs of the Golden Gate Bridge. So on a business trip to San Jose at the end of February, early March 2017, I thought I would add this to my activities.

The Business was Monday to Friday, and I added one extra night to the trip so I could go to San Francisco.

As it turned out, the weather forecast all week kept getting worst for Saturday, dampening my hopes to have a day in the city.

Come Thursday the forecast was 100% chance of rain, so I changed my flight to a late Saturday morning departure, verse the red-eye I was scheduled to be on.

Friday night I could not help the desire to go and get a photo down on Baker’s Beach though. My flight was not until 11am, I could make this work.

Sun Rise was to be at 6:15 on March 4th 2017, an hour drive from my hotel in Fremont. I set an alarm clock for a 3:30am alarm, as the weather was not to start to rain until late morning…..

I arrive at the Battery Chamberlin (I thought I was at Baker’s Beach, and I was, sort of). Arriving at the park in the complete dark, and never being there before was a bit unnerving. With my headlamp that I packed, tripod and camera I stumbled around, found the path to the beach, and started the walk from parking lot to what is on the map as ‘Sand Ladder’.

This was the conditions when I set up to take the photos.

With the camera on a tripod I used some filters to slow down the light, and used long exposures to capture different lighting of the bridge.

I mentioned that the weather was not the best for humans, but the fog and light rain did add to the photographs. I grab this photo below from my phone after sun rise.


After my cold wet morning on the beach I was off to breakfast at a local dinner, and then that flight home.

Thank you for reading my adventure of March 4th, 2017.

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Kevin Cossaboon

A networking profesional located in Northren Virginia, USA. My hobbies are Technology and Photography. Love playing with the latest technology, and will try to post reviews of them. Also love my life long journey of learning to capture light, to trigger emotions, through photography.

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