Haiti Day two

Finished the first full day on the island.

Breakfast was at 7am after a cold shower. The hosting facility does not have their hot water tank installed yet. It is on the posiable list of items to get done on the trip.

We headed to the orphanage around 8am. A short drive (15 min) with no traffic. Roads hear are a mix of rural roads, to off road tracks. Even great what appears to be a good road, will turn into an off road adventure.

The morning was spent surveying the work, collecting what was on site that could be used, and making a shopping list.

Power from the generator to the dorm.

Most of the power that the children use is from an on site generator. The local power is off a lot of the time, and frequent power outages.

I had some time to help Dave with some exterior painting in the 98° F heat.

Dave and I touching up the outside of the dorm.

Next it was off to shopping. Two hardware stores each only


Though the infrastructure is bad, real bad, there is modern stores (as well as many street vendors.)

CV Store

The check out procedure is amazing. You stand in line and get checked out like in America, then you go to a counter and negotiate a discount, return to the check out to pay. Then when you leave, each item is inspected to make sure you paid,like CostCo, but detailed, line by line, each item found by a stor clerk and shown to the inspector, who is accompanied by an armed guard.

Gaurd at the exit of the hardware store.

Back to the Orphanage in mid-day traffic. (A quick video I took from the van)


The medical team was seeing patients;

IMG 0400IMG 0358IMG 0315

When we got back the children were there. Had fun printing photos for them with the portable printer I brought.

It was a good day…

A few more from the day are at the Adobe Site


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