Few days left before trip to Haiti

72 hours before I leave. One day to get things ready, and tow days to get 7 days work done.

Took Cathy’s advise and picked up a couple of soccer balls.

Accommodations changed in Haiti, looks like we will be staying with the hosting charity. This changes my sleeping from a nap sack liner for the hotel, to a mattress cover and sheets for the dorm. We also picked up a blanket for the trip. I will leave the sheets and blanket (REAL COOL STAR WARS ONE) there for the hosting charity.

Got a couple of water bottles, one will work for what I need. It has a cap that cover the mouth piece fully when not in use. This way when you fill it with water (clean) you do not contaminate it through the day with germs on the mouth piece. The other I will keep. It has a ‘life straw‘ built in. Though that would be great to have with me, the top of the water bottle has a flip down mouth piece that is not protected. I am taking a Life Straw on it’s own, just a backup.

Tomorrow I will pre-pack twice. I travel a lot for business, and usually that day pack. This time as I know little of what to expect, I will pack for the trip down one way. As I will return without many items, different on the way back. My hope is to loose a complete suit case of stuff on the return.

Dot’n I’s and crossing T’s on the arrangements, Excited to learn and help.

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