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Let us have a closer look at life.


Macro photography is extreme close up of usually small things. First question is why is it no Micro? Well unlike economics where Macro is the whole, and micro is looking close at an individual contributor, Micro photography is extremely close (microscope).

Though the photos from macrophotography, bring the small to big, the actual image on the camera’s sensor is usually about 1:1. The sensor of the D850 is 36mm x 24mm, and a bee is about 14mm, thus the bee ends up being half of the photo. Since we are use to seeing car, or many, houses, etc in a photograph the bee taking up the frame, looks like it is magnafied, and it is. It is magnafied when we print it or view it on line, as the picture on the calendar is not 36mm x 24mm, thus the bee is BIG! So that is why Macro photography is making things big, but not the same as microphotography which is making the tiny large….

The Bee

The large photo and one of the small ones are of the Virginia Honey Bee. I love taking photos of bees (and wasps). Such lovely crechers that work so hard. We are lucky to have so many of them around in our area, and with Macro Lens you can see how they polinate the flowers as they collect their nector.

The both bee photos was taken on the old golf course about 10 Miles from our house. I used my Nikon 105mm lens hand held. The focus band on these photos are so small, that the photo has a great out of focus area.

The third photo was when Joan and I were out for our morning walk and disturbed his (or her) breakfast.

There is an abundance of wonderful wildlife around our house.

Off to write next months blog.

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Kevin Cossaboon

A networking profesional located in Northren Virginia, USA. My hobbies are Technology and Photography. Love playing with the latest technology, and will try to post reviews of them. Also love my life long journey of learning to capture light, to trigger emotions, through photography.

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